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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Datetimepicker setting today's date

Here is a simple tip to initialize your datetimepicker with the current date.

For example this is your tag (Don't forget to add ajax theme in your head tag)

<s:datetimepicker label="Start Date" id="startTime" name="startTime" type="date" required="true"> </s:datetimepicker>

On body's onLoad call a java script function which will set the datatimepicker's value

function setValue() {
var picker = dojo.widget.byId("startTime");
//Date value
picker.setValue(new Date());

Known Issues :
  • You can not do the same thing with the datetimepicker 'Time' tag. For example if you have

<s:datetimepicker label="Start Date" id="startTime" name="startTime" type="time" required="true"> </s:datetimepicker>

Then you can not set the time on page load (If anyone has the solution please comment)
  • You can not use 'startDate' value attribute to set the initial value of the datetimepicker

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